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A part of ones continued growth & experience in scuba diving is practicing new skills. Specialty Diver courses teach you new techniques and give you the tools to enhance your exploration.

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Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty

The basic PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course is one of the most sought after courses out there.
Diving with Nitrox extends your No Decompression Time and is an ideal gas mix for dives up to 40 meters.
Enriched air is simply a gas mix that has a lower percentage of Nitrogen and a higher percentage of Oxygen when compared to normal air. An ideal gas mix will be determined depending on the depth chosen.

Enriched Air Nitrox dive specialty


Must be qualified as an PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age

1 day and 2 dives | 12 years


During the course you’ll learn how to determine the ideal gas mixes for the depths chosen and the theory behind these mixes. You’ll learn how to analyse and log different gas mixes and also marking your scuba tank with the necessary information. You’ll discuss managing oxygen exposure and also setting your computer for enriched air nitrox values. Should you also choose to complete the practical sessions then 2 dives using enriched air nitrox will follow.


Dry Nitrox Specialty – Land Based course – 75 €
EANx Full – including 2 dives using min nitrox 32% – 150 €

EANx Full + Manual – 185 €

*Final price includes certification costs.

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Deep dive specialty

Deep diver Specialty

Sometimes you’ll need to venture a little bit deeper to fulfil safely the objectives and attraction of the planned dive.

The deep holds many mysteries and secrets just waiting to be explored. You’ll need to be certified as a deep diver to confidently dive a ship wreck or deep wall beyond 30 meters.


Must be qualified as an PADI Adventure Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age |Max. Depth

2 days and 4 dives | 15 years | 40 meters.


During 4 dives you’ll learn proper buddy contact procedures and master your buoyancy whilst exploring deeper depths down to 40 meters.

You’ll also learn how to manage your gas supply responsibly in a buddy team.

Theory sessions will go over the importance of knowing personal limits and reviewing the reasons for deep diving including dangers and hazards as well as enjoyment and rewards.


PADI Deep Diver course  195 €
1 PADI Deep Diver course + Manual – 230 €
*Final price includes certification costs.

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Wreck Specialty​

Whether scuttled as an artificial reef or sunk as a result of a storm or war, if there’s one thing Malta boasts plenty of it’s wrecks.
You’ll find ships, planes, submarines & barges dating back to WWI & WWII all in relatively shallow recreational depths.
For all those technical divers Malta offers many very deep wrecks were Tec profiles & equipment are needed to enjoy these ancient relics.

Wreck dive specialty


Must be qualified as an PADI Adventure Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age

2 days and 4 dives | 15 years


Wrecks are fascinating windows into the past. Each wreck offers different levels of difficulty and enjoyment. The PADI Wreck Specialty course enables you to properly dive & penetrate these wrecks responsibly and ethically as some of these wrecks are protected by law so as to guard their historical & cultural importance.

During 4 wreck dives you’ll learn how to explore wrecks safely, proper surveying & mapping techniques, penetration using lines & reels, buoyancy techniques not to disturb the wreck & its bottom composition & marine life.


PADI Wreck Specialty​​ course  195 €
1 PADI Wreck Specialty​​ course + Manual – 230 €
*Final price includes certification costs.

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Night dive specialty

Night diver Specialty

Have you ever wondered what happens when the sun goes down?

Dramatic changes occur as the day creatures go to sleep & give way to the nocturnal marine life with their dazzling display of colours.

Peaking below the surface after the sun goes down is incredibly exciting and also mysterious. Captivated by this nocturnal world you’ll be able to see the true colours of life and everything we shine our torches on as your light source will be close to the object in view.


Must be qualified as an PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age

3 days and 3 night dives | 12 years


During 3 night dives you’ll learn about proper use of torches and maintenance, how to dive responsibly at night, learn about different species of nocturnal marine life and possible hazards, proper use and feel of scuba gear at night and night time buddy procedures.


PADI Night diver Specialty​​ course  195 €
1 PADI Night diver Specialty​​ course + Manual – 230 €
*Final price includes certification costs.

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Dry Suit diver Specialty

Should you wish to dive with a suit that completely seals you off from the water keeping you warm and dry then this course is for you.

Whether you want to dive dry or wish to visit wintry environments then learning to properly dive in a dry suit is the way to go. Diving in a dry suit will extend your scuba diving season from summer into those colder wintry months. Becoming a dry suit diver allows you to broaden your horizons, expand your boundaries and dive in more places, more often.

Drysuit dive specialty


Must be qualified as an PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age

1 day and 2 dives | 10 years


During your course you’ll learn how to choose the proper dry suit and undergarment that’s right for you and together with your instructor you’ll be discussing various styles and what each suit could offer. You’ll also learn dry suit maintenance & proper storage. During 1 confined session and 2 dives you’ll practice proper weighting, buoyancy control and dive safety procedures.


PADI Dry Suit diver Specialty course  175 €
1 PADI Dry Suit diver Specialty course + Manual – 210 €
*Final price includes certification costs.

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PPB dive specialty

Peak Performance Specialty

This course is designed for you to master your buoyancy techniques primarily to conserve energy and air consumption and dive more focused and relaxed and therefore becoming a more confident and safer diver that observes the marine life without disturbing their surroundings.


Must be qualified as an PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age

1 day and 2 dives | 10 years


During 2 dives you’ll learn how to determine the exact weight needed, trimming techniques for perfect balance, streamlining and efficient use of air and achieving effortless hovering in vertical and horizontal profiles.


PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course 150 €
1 PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course + Manual – 185 €
*Final price includes certification costs.

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Sidemount Diver Specialty

After many years of carrying 1 or 2 heavy tanks around on your back, every time you go diving, one may begin to develop back problems.
Many divers would like to eliminate this standard back mounted way of diving not only for the obvious weight benefits but also there are many other positive reasons for diving 

Sidemount depending on the type of environment you’re visiting. By clipping your tanks on either side of you BCD you increase your streamline attitude in the water and this could increase your possibilities of visiting particular environments in an even safer way. 

Besides the obvious benefits you could also increase your dive time because Sidemount enables you to clip on more than one tank. Sidemount diving gives you this flexibility.

Sidemount dive specialty


Must be qualified as an PADI Open Water Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age

2-3 days and 1 confined dive + 3 open water dives | 15 years


During 1 confined session and 3 open water dives you’ll learn proper Sidemount assembly.
Proper weight system trimming and in water balance.
You’ll also learn how to manage gas switching between stages, proper protocol and problem solving.


PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty​ course 375 €
1 PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty​ course + Manual – 410 €
*Final price includes certification costs.

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Search Recovery specialty

Search and Recovery Specialty

Whether you wish to retrieve something you dropped and lost in the sea or simply bringing to the surface a larger object you’ll need an effective swimming pattern and also possibly a lifting bag.

There are effective ways to search for an object under water that increase your chances of success. There are also better methods of simply bringing up an object to the surface especially if it is a large or heavy object. You’ll also learn how to do the best knot for the task at hand.


Must be qualified as an PADI (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age

2 days and 4 dives | 12 years


During 4 dives you’ll practice different swimming search patterns using your compass and also your senses by naturally navigation your way.
You’ll be locating large and small objects using these patterns and using a lift bag to bring such objects to the surface.


PADI Search and Recovery Specialty course 195 €
1 PADI Search and Recovery Specialty course + Manual – 230 €
*Final price includes certification costs.

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Fish Identification Specialty

Once you learn the names and also some knowledge of the different marine species dives become more enjoyable and interesting. A much deeper respect is born within each diver that recognises and identifies marine life and their many characteristics.

It is very common to hear other divers ask about the fish species they’ve just encountered under water. Be the diver with the answers. Your passion will soon rub off on to others and the more ambassadors these little critters have the better the chance of survival and protection.

Fish ID specialty


Must be qualified as an PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver or higher.

Duration | Minimum age

1 day and 2 dives | 10 years


During 2 dives you’ll learn how to identify characteristics of local fish species.
You’ll also learn how your actions directly or indirectly could truly affect the sustainability of all marine life. A little knowledge could go a long way.

This course is a real eye opener.


PADI Fish Identification Specialty course 150 €
1 PADI Fish Identification Specialty course + Manual – 185 €
*Final price includes certification costs.


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• Guest divers will be grouped according to their qualification and experience and will always follow the instructions of the accompanying instructor. An instructor may terminate the dive or dive pack of any guest if the diver does not follow instructions or is deemed unsafe to himself and/or others.
• The dive centre or instructor reserves the right to refuse the business of any guests on the grounds of safety issues or possible issues that arise or may arise.
• If the guest has a medical issue and does not present a medical certification from any doctor allowing the guest to scuba dive then the guest will not be allowed to dive with us, regardless of the guest’s experience and/or certification level, until such medical check up is done and a medical certification is issues by any doctor allowing the guest to scuba dive.
• All qualified divers must present their certification card and logbook at the time of registering. Failure to do so may disqualify the guest from diving until such time that the required proof is provided.
• For their own safety, Divers may be required to complete a check dive and/or a refresher dive depending on their certification level and experience and the time elapsed between their last logged dive.
• If the guest does not present an official log book, which would contain the stamp and certification number of the final instructor, the requirement of whether a check dive and/or refresher dive is needed, still remains at the discretion of the present instructor.
• The maximum depth for each guest is determined by their certification level, as well as the instructor’s assessment of the client’s ability and comfort level and also by the weather and sea conditions on the day.
• All recreational No-Deco dives will always be done within the recreational depth limits and the no decompression time limits.
• Any guest scuba diving in Malta is not required, under local Maltese law, to have or take out any sort of diving insurance to be legally allowed to learn or practise scuba diving. Neither is the diving centre legally bound to issue any sort of diving insurance to the guest learning or practising scuba diving with them. Scuba diving insurance is still a choice the guest would need to make. DAN provide short on-line insurance coverage for these very occasions.
• Watercolours Dive Centre Malta and all their instructors are fully insured by DAN – Divers Alert Network to carry out scuba diving activities which include teaching courses, course dives and recreational leisure dives for certified divers.
• As you can see, we take diving safety very seriously and would strongly advise guests to be entirely honest when filling in these forms especially were medical safety in involved. Putting one’s life at risk and potentially the lives of others, including our instructors, should never be an option.
• The collection and safe keeping of all recoded client data and eventual destruction is described in our Privacy Policy.

All divers will need to complete and sign:

• Self-Assessment Medical Statement (RSTC Medical form): (LINK TO FORM)
If the diver answers “YES” to any of the medical conditions on the form, then a medical certificate signed by a doctor is required.
• Risk and Liability Statement: (LINK TO FORM)
Divers under the age of 18 need to provide written parental/ guardian consent allowing them to dive.
• Customer Registration Form: (LINK TO FORM)
This form is issued by the dive centre and will be given to the guest either by email or by hand and will be used solely to collect personal data and diving information as well as reminding the guest of local medical obligations. This form also includes the Self-Assessment Medical & Risk Liability statements.

Time of the dives:

• The divers are usually requested to be at the Dive Centre at 09:00 for a day of diving, unless otherwise specified.
• Night dives depart from the centre between 17:00 and 20:00 depending on the season.
• The meeting time for night dives will depend on the time of the year and the special circumstances of the dive or the day.
• If a diver doesn’t show on time, the dive may start without waiting for him/her.

Number of dives:

• The guest may choose the number of dives to do in a day. For some dive sites, a minimum of 2 dives will be required.
• Standards require that appropriate student materials are purchased for use during all courses and to keep as reference after finishing it. Watercolours does not include the cost of the materials in the price of the course. The client may bring their own materials or purchase them from Watercolours.
• For technical courses, the certification fee is not included in the price of the course. The instructor may decide not to certify the student, if he considers the diver doesn’t fulfil the ability or personal requirements for the certification. There is a certification fee on each successfully completed recreational course included in the course prices.
• Watercolours will do all that is possible to complete a course within a stipulated time, however, it cannot guarantee its duration as each student will have to fulfil all the obligations and standards of the course which might take more time. If the student can’t complete the course during their stay either a referral will be issued by Watercolours or Watercolours will reserve the option to keep the course open to be finished within 12 months.
• If more than 12 months elapse then the course must be restarted from the beginning.
• If the student needs further days to complete a course additional fees may apply.

Dive sites:

• Watercolours will choose the appropriate dive sites suitable for its guests depending on their certification level, proficiency and the sea conditions on the day.
• The planned dive sites for the day may change, even at short notice, depending on weather conditions, safety issues or technical reasons.


• Transport to and from dive sites is included in our prices, unless otherwise mentioned. Divers using our transport do so at their own risk. We recommend not to take valuables to the dive sites. Watercolours will not accept any responsibility for lost properties or thief.
• The cost of most of our boat dives is also included in the total price of our dives, however, additional boat costs may apply for dives done due to distance covered or special permits such as Heritage Malta & other costs. See additional costs explanation on the dive centre’s website. (LINK TO PAGE)


• Non-divers travelling in the dive trucks and/or on the dive boat are subject to the available space with first preference always being given to diving clients. Non-divers travelling on the boat and/or in the dive trucks travel at their own risk. Watercolours doesn’t offer any tourist guiding or other activities except for diving and snorkel trips. All dive trucks and the dive boat all hold the appropriate licences and are all covered by the necessary insurance coverage.

Equipment Rental:

• Watercolours Dive Centre only rents equipment to divers accompanied by one of our instructors.
• The guest who is renting equipment is fully responsible for any damage or loss that the equipment may suffer due to bad or irresponsible use.
• Watercolours dive Centre does not rent out any scuba diving equipment to third parties.


• Upon request and availability, Watercolours offers Transfers from the airport to the chosen hotel or the dive centre.
• Watercolours also offers pick-ups for guests… see list of free pick-ups on website. Return transfer to the hotel cannot be guaranteed and is usually done at closing time which is 17:00

Confirmed bookings:

• A booking will only be confirmed upon deposit unless another arrangement is reached. In any other case it will be considered a provisional booking and Watercolours cannot guarantee the availability of an instructor for the requested activity. Alternatively, If there is space available, the guest can join any other dive happening during the stay.

Cancellation Policy:

• If the guest cancels an activity 24 hours before, the cost is 25% of the total cost.
• If the guest cancels an activity within 24 hours a 50% cancellation fee is required.
• The guest renounces any deposits for any cancellations unless a special agreement is reached.