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Fortizza Reef

Site Name: Fortizza Reef

Location: Sliema

Max Depth: 14m / 20m

Diving: Shore/Boat


Fortizza Reef is a comfortable, long & easy dive for all levels of experience. This site is one of my favourite. Full of tunnels & arches it's a great site for photography.....Bring your macro & fish eye lenses.


Site Name: P29

Location: Cirkewwa

Max Depth: 36 meters

Diving: Shore or Boat


Boltenhagen (GS09) was a Kondor I-class minesweeper built in East Germany. After the Volksmarine was disbanded just before the reunification of Germany, she was sold to Malta in 1997 and renamed P29 and was used as a patrol boat. After being decommissioned, she was scuttled as a dive site in 2007 off ÄŠirkewwa. The wreck now lies at a depth of around 35 metres but the entire dive may be done at 25 metres. The highest point is situated only 12 metres deep from the surface. Since its sinking, Alicia mirabilis, squid, flying gurnards and rays have already started settling on the former patrol boat.

Dawra Tas-Sannat

Site Name: Dawra Tas-Sannat

Location: The first sheltered inlet to the southwest of Xlendi Bay - Gozo.

Max Depth: 45m (150ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Cave.


This is a deep cave and arch eroded from the surrounding cliffs, with a large semi-circular cavern at the base of the archway. The bottom of the arch has some massive boulders, covered in colourful sponges. The entrance to the cave next to the cliff face is exploding with marine life. By boat only.

Fungus Rock

Site Name: Fungus Rock

Location: The huge rock offshore on the left at the entrance to Dwejra Bay

Max Depth: Beyond 60m (200ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Boat Diving, Bring Camera.


Fungus Rock is a massive lump of limestone and it has a hole running through its northern part. Here you could see some boulders lying against one another which create a fantastic scenery of swims, gulleys and caverns. This is a boat dive.

Crocodile Rock

Site Name: Crocodile Rock

Location: A tiny outcrop just offshore between Dwejra Point and Fungus Rock

Max Depth: 45m (150ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Boat Diving, Cave, Bring Camera.


The dive boat anchors between Crocodile Rock and the shore, where the depth is around 7m (24ft). Which ever side you decide to take around the rock I guarantee you will be overwhelmed with the beauty, visibility, marine life, and awesome drop offs which take you from 7m all the way down to beyond 45m. The clarity is such that from the edge of the 7m plateau you could see the seabed. The bottom of the wall is filled with huge algae-covered boulders and is home to large Groupers. Surely one of the most impressive sites around the islands. The best boat dive ever.

Coral Cave

Site Name: Coral Cave

Location: The headland to the left side of the blue hole at Dwejra Point

Max Depth: 30m (100ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Shore Diving, Cave, Bring Camera.


This cave has a huge semi-circular opening and a sandy bottom with some boulders at the entrance. Turning north a vertical sloping wall can be found, which is home to hermit crabs, starfish and colourful scorpion fish. The exit is via the Blue Hole.

Inland Sea

Site Name: Inland Sea

Location: At Dwejra Point - Gozo, head down to a small enclosed bay to the right.

Max Depth: 25-60m (80 - 200ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Shore Diving, Cave, Bring Camera.


When visibility is perfect this is a fantastic dive along a narrow canyon stretching through the headland to open water beyond. Around the corner to both the right and left there are many drop offs, which can be easily negotiated by many divers. Dwejra is a very popular diving location with about ten different five star diving sites to chose from. It is also abundant in marine life.

Azure Window

Site Name: Azure Window

Location: The famous arch outcrop at Dwejra Point

Max Depth: Beyond 60m (200ft)

Diving: Shore Diving, Cave, Bring Camera.


Azure Window is the name of the majestic natural arch rising above the surface of the sea. Large boulders falling from the arch are now home to a prolific marine life. This is an incredibly scenic dive. The best entry and exit point is the Blue Hole.

Xlendi Cave

Site Name: Xlendi Cave

Location: Xlendi Bay headland

Max Depth: 25m (80ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Shore Diving, Cave, Bring Camera.


Situated underneath a clear patch of green grass just before the tip of the Xlendi headland you'll find the tunnel entrance which leads right through the headland, in only a few meters of water. This site is popular with less experienced divers and is for many the first venture in an underwater cave. The cave's walls are covered with golden zoanthids, red starfish and sponges. Barracudas are often seen here feeding on smaller fish.

Mgarr ix-Xini

Site Name: Mgarr ix-Xini


Max Depth: 14m (47ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Shore Diving, Wreck, Cave, Bring Camera.


A very popular photographic site. Two interesting caves lie ten meters apart about 100m along the right-hand wall in 14m. Inside both caves one can surface. This is a great experience. The sheltered valley and shallow depths make this site very popular for night dives. At night you may see the sea horse floating in mid-water.

Lantern Point

Site Name: Lantern Point

Location: SW point of Comino

Max Depth: Beyond 50m (165ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Cave, Bring Camera.


Another remarkable drop off dive down from a shallow plateau at approx 6m. You could, either dive along the reef at about 25m and venture to both sides of the headland, or decide to start your dive at the entrance to a chimney which will take you down to approx 16m. You could keep on descending to greater depths if wished passed the large boulders, which have created some wonderful swim throughs. Only done by boat.

Cominotto Rock and Reef

Site Name: Cominotto Rock and Reef

Location: of Cominotto island all the way to the edge of the reef's drop-off.

Max Depth: 36m (120ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Bring Camera.


This is a vertical wall which drops to 39m (127ft). You could see boulders covered in colourful sponges and golden cup corals which create swim throughs and caverns. Boat dive.

Santa Marija Caves

Site Name: Santa Marija Caves

Location: NW of Comino.

Max Depth: 15m (49ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Boat Diving, Cave.


There are about ten different caves in this one area alone. Some are dead ends whilst others offer breathtaking swim throughs. A large cave, extending horizontally to over 30 m (100ft) connects to another cave. At the junction there is a shaft open to the sky, which makes this site a remarkable photographic opportunity. This is an incredible site for sighting large quantities of huge Sea bream too. This is only a boat dive.

Fesej Rock

Site Name: Fesej Rock

Location: Huge outcrop just outside Mgarr ix-Xini inlet in Gozo

Max Depth: 50m (165ft)

Diving: Boat Diving.


Amidst a number of huge boulders Fessej Rock rises 15m above the water, plunging vertically to the seabed 50m below. Essentially the dive is around the rock, descending and ascending in a spiral to bring you back to the surface. This is a boat dive. This is a boat dive.

San Dimitri Point

Site Name: San Dimitri Point

Location: Most westerly point of Gozo

Max Depth: Beyond 60m (200ft)

Diving: Boat Diving.


This is an area that is famous for caves. The whole of this rocky cliff shoreline is peppered with caves and could only be done by boat in calm conditions. Here some caves even link up to several others and some still remain undiscovered. If you're a cave lover than this is your spot. You could spend a life time just discovering new caves since San Dimitri point offers many different amazing sites with exceptional visibility. Boat dive only.

Billinghurst Cave

Site Name: Billinghurst Cave

Location: West of Reqqa Point - Gozo

Max Depth: 35m (115ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Shore Diving, Cave.


Good planning will ensure a safe cave dive so use the right equipment and don't forget your torches. The width of the cave and the cave entrance are huge ensuring plenty of light to penetrate all the way to the end. Keep mainly to the right side of the cave. The entrance leads you through to a huge domed vault where one can surface. The vault is at the end of the cave and the best way to find it is by shining your torches towards the roof of the cave. You will notice the water shimmering meaning there's air above that water and that you have found the vault so one could surface. There are many Cardinal fish, typical to see in caves, and the walls are covered in corals and sponges. On the way out one could just follow the impressive light coming through from the cave entrance, although you are about 80m away deep inside.

Reqqa Point

Site Name: Reqqa Point

Location: Most northerly point of Gozo

Max Depth: Beyond 70m (230ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Shore Diving, Cave, Bring Camera.


This is my favourite diving location on this island. The visibility here surpasses 50m and you can find all that a diver dreams about in one spot. From big paleigic fish, feeding on the reef fish, to the most awesome bottom topography. There are several caves and chimneys here. Underneath the left side headland you could find an incredible chimney which will take you down to approx 58m. The reef here is really another world and it keeps on descending to beyond 65m.

Double Arch Reef

Site Name: Double Arch Reef

Location: Directly out from the headland north of Xwieni Bay - Gozo, about 200m offshore.

Max Depth: 45m (150ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Shore Diving, Cave.


Shaped by two large archways this extended rocky headland is teeming with marine life. Its entry is over shallow water. Reaching the start of the wall at around 14m (45ft) and keeping to the right the twin arches are reached. Around the coast on the right one can come across a few large caves cut into the cliffs. This could be a shore dive, however, due to the depth and distance from shore many divers would prefare to execute this dive from a boat. Any way one decides to try this site careful planning is always advised.

HMS Maori

Site Name: HMS Maori

Location: In front of the entrance to the dockyard creek at St. Elmo's Bay (Valletta)

Max Depth: 14m-18m (60ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Shore Diving, Wreck.


HMS MAORI (1937): She was sunk in 1942.This is the ship that was involved in the chase that led to the sinking of the famous German 'Bismark'. Divers are able to gain easy access to her remains, with exits all the way through..

Qawra Reef

Site Name: Qawra Reef

Location: 500m off the northwest tip of Qawra point. (Bugibba)

Max Depth: 50m (165ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Cave.


This is a boat dive. There are many caves to explore on this spectacular reef. These are all safe for divers.

Ghar Lapsi

Site Name: Ghar Lapsi

Location: Off the south coast near the Mnajdra and Hagar Qim Temples.

Max Depth: 15m (50ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Shore Diving, Cave, Bring Camera.


An easy dive. Entrance is in a small enclosure in 3m. Heading out seaward towards the sand, (direction Filfla island), keep to the right side of the headland. You find a trench. Follow it for 10m until you reach the famous cave. This shallow cave will take you back through into the small enclosure you began your dive in. Excellent visibility and marine life.

Wied iz-Zurrieq

Site Name: Wied iz-Zurrieq

Location: Off the ferry slip at Wied iz-Zurrieq headland

Max Depth: 30m (100ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Shore Diving.


A much sought-after site indeed. After a giant stride entry into the water, one must swim across and out of the mouth of the bay and turn right (West) to follow the cliff wall. Many caves can be found here. At about 23m you meet the first cave which is to your right on the headland turning.The bigger caves are just around the corner, with 3 entrances and the exit is by retracing the route into the bay. The entrance and exit areas are the same as for the Um el Faroud ship wreck.

Wreck UM-EL-Faroud

Site Name: Wreck UM-EL-Faroud

Location: 140m (460ft) southwest of Wied iz-Zurrieq

Max Depth: 34m (115ft)

Diving: Shore Diving, Wreck.


This 110m tanker was scuttled and sunk in 1998. She sits upright on a sandy seabed. She has attracted many different forms of marine life from Barracudas to Sun Fish and Trigger Fish & Damsel fish, Sea bream, Painted Combers, Mullets, Parrot fish, Wrasses and more. Entering this wreck requires a speciality certification & experience, familiarity, good planning and the right equipment..ex.. torches ! Enter with caution. Plan this dive properly and stick to it. You may encounter some currents leaving the wreck. I would advise in this situation to dive off the wreck into deeper water headi ng towards your exit point keeping the posedonia slope ridge to your left. Leave the wreck with still 90/100 bars of air for added precaution. Taking a compass heading and using a dive computer are added safety features that I would strongly recommend. Use a 15lit. tank or greater too.

Rdum L-Ahmar

Site Name: Rdum L-Ahmar

Location: Very close to Ahrax Point (Marfa)

Max Depth: 36m (120ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Boat Diving, Shore Diving.


Large numbers of massive rocks create wonderful swim throughs. This is yet another great diving site due its impeccable visibility beyond 30m. You could observe some bigger fish here like Jacks and Dentex.


Site Name: M'Tahleb

Location: Off the east coast at the end of the road leading to Rdum tas-Sarg north of Ras id-Dawwara Bay

Max Depth: Beyond 70m (230ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Shore Diving, Cave.


This is a relatively unexplored site due to its inaccessibility. Walking down 300m of rugged headland may be fine but climbing back up is the impossible task. This site features vertical walls, ledges, caves and caverns but it's best done by boat.

Marfa Point Caves

Site Name: Marfa Point Caves

Location: 20m before the light house at Marfa Point (where the Malta/Gozo ferry births)

Max Depth: 18m (60ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Boat Diving, Shore Diving, Cave.


Very easy access. Walk down a 10m concrete slope into a shallow 1m pool which is ideal for last minute preparations and buddy checks. Once you make your way out from the pool turn right and drop down to 5m. Move along with the wall to your right for 20m until you arrive to one of the most impressive drop offs you ever see. Drop down to 17m keeping the wall to your right. There in the corner you see a small cave with a statue of the Holy Mary which was placed here by the Amphibians Diving Club. Leave the cave and climb up to 12m on a ridge full with Posedonia. Always with the wall to your right you will immediately see a spectacular swim through. Enter and then make your way back around to your exit point keeping the wall to your left. There are at least five different amazing dive sites in this one location. These are all shore dives.

Tugboat Rozi - Cirkewwa

Site Name: Tugboat Rozi - Cirkewwa

Location: Approximately 120m (400ft) directly out from the old steel jetty, underneath the lighthouse, on a bearing of 280 degrees magnetic.

Max Depth: 36m (120ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Shore Diving, Wreck, Bring Camera.


This tugboat was scuttled and sunk in 1992. She sits upright on a sandy bottom with her forward facing West. You could follow the reef all the way to her stern keeping the reef to your right. This is one of the best diving sites around Malta offering excellent visibility. The same caution, respect, safety and care should be practiced for all wrecks.

Qammieh Point

Site Name: Qammieh Point

Location: At the Western end of Marfa, off the SW of Qammieh Point (Mellieha near Red Tower)

Max Depth: Beyond 70m

Diving: Boat Diving, Cave.


This site drops near vertically to the seabed 50m below and then slopes off to very deep water. There is a very old cave on the southern side of the slope too. This is what drop offs are all about. This is a boat dive.

Migrah Ferha

Site Name: Migrah Ferha

Location: Off the Dingli Cliffs on the SW coast

Max Depth: Beyond 60m (200ft)

Diving: Boat Diving, Shore Diving, Cave.


Unless you would like to do this site by boat, here you'll have to negotiate over 150 steps. Entry is into 8m of water, from where you head SE. Along the wall there is an archway and cave at 12m which rises up inside to 4m, often with a layer of fresh water at the top.

Ahrax Point

Site Name: Ahrax Point

Location: Off the NE point of the Marfa Ridge (Marfa-Mellieha)

Max Depth: 25m (80ft)

Diving: Snorkeling, Boat Diving, Shore Diving, Bring Camera.


This is one of the most spectacular sites. Here there are huge, dense, luscious Posedonia meadows were over 300 species of marine life breed and spawn. Moving further seaward you will encounter one amazing drop off which take you from 7m down to past 20m.The visibility here is pristine.